Servicing Highland Park's Finest Estates with Sales and Appraisals for over 25 Years

Emeric will personally answer your call between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., Central Standard Time.

Emeric DeGaul Estate Broker is an expert estate broker of antiquities, fine art, furnishings, books, silver, fine jewelry and other collectibles.


For a sale from your home, it is best that you, the Estate, facilitate two important preconditions:
1. The removal of items that are not for sale from the premises
2. No person inhabits the premises.


Emeric De Gaul3. Staging and Merchandising: Your sale items will be organized and displayed showing themselves in their best manner.
4. Pricing: Without reserve or reservation, Emeric establishes a price for your sale items, and will subsequently bargain on your behalf.
5. Advertising: Emeric will pay for and provide the following; Internet ads, newspaper ads; signage, and the use of his extensive private client list.
6. Staffing and Supplies: Emeric pays for and provides the estate sale crew and any office supplies needed.
7. Accounting and Money: Emeric is contracted to account for and to collect money for all sale items, from any and all parties, without exception.
8. Unsold Items: (They tend to be the least desirable items.) A completely empty, “broom clean” home is possible. A haul-off service fee would apply. Otherwise, unsold items remain on the premises.
9. Final Settlement: No more than ten days. Usually Emeric provides the final accounting and net proceeds in 3-4 days after sale conclusion date.

Emeric is engaged to work on a commission. The standard is 30% of the total sale. However, as all sales vary in terms of quality and quantity of merchandise, condition of the premises and the sale location desirability, Emeric’s fee may be more.

For those estates that have a few fine objects to sell, but not enough for an estate sale or for those estates that cannot have an on premises sale due to some deed restriction, home owner association rule, etc., Emeric accepts consignments. The consignment fee usually starts at 40%.

Emeric provides expert testimony on personal property inventory and evaluation for probate, bankruptcy, divorce and insurance.

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Emeric DeGaul Estate Broker

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